• Bridesmaid Tasks

    Posted on by Katie Muenks

    If you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid for somebody close to you, you're in for so much fun! However, you shouldn’t think that you’ve got it easy just because you’re not the all important maid of honor. Sure, the maid of honor has to take care of a LOT of different things. That being said, you should still help out in different ways to show your appreciation for being involved, and of course, to help spread the work and keep everybody as happy as possible!

    If you want to know what tasks you should be doing as a bridesmaid, read on. Of course, it might depend on the type of wedding it is and what the bride wants, but in general, you can expect to help with the following things:


    Offer To Help With Pre-wedding Tasks

      One of the first things you can do is help with pre-wedding tasks, or at least offer to help with them. Be prepared to take on smaller tasks than the maid of honor; you don’t want to step on her toes. She’s likely spent just as long thinking about this as the bride, and probably loves having the responsibility.

      Make sure you offer or help to do things like sending out the invitations, putting them in envelopes, and the other little tasks that matter. This will likely take some of the stress away from the MOH, and be a breeze for you to do. Make sure you’re specific when you offer to help. Don’t just lamely offer a hand; be enthusiastic and actually suggest things you could do. This will make it easier for the bride or MOH to enlist your help as they’ll know you’re genuine about your offer.

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      Be warned: don’t tell the bride and MOH that you’re there to help with everything and then be annoyed when they actually ask you to do something. If you’re short on time, you definitely need to be specific about what you can do and when. For instance, you could say, ‘Oh wow, I’m so excited, I can’t wait to help with the invitations when it’s time!’. This stops you from sucking the fun out of it all by making it all serious and giving a list of dates for your availability.


      Help Find The Wedding Outfits

        It’s also your job to go shopping for wedding outfits and to give your opinion on them. Bear in mind that this is the bride’s final choice. If she loves a dress, then you have to wear it and smile regardless of whether you like it or not. She’s your friend, so chances are, she’ll still take your feelings and style into account.

        If you know that the bride is on a tight budget, you could perhaps offer to pay for your outfit, or at least some of the accessories. Weddings cost thousands! After all, you’ll get to keep many of the things afterwards and will probably use them again.

        Helping the bride choose her dress is a very special experience, so make sure you’re prepared to be there with bells on if she asks you to. Just make sure you take some tissues, whether you give these to the bride, mother of the bride, or use them yourself. It tends to get emotional!  

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        A great tip: break in your shoes before the big day. Don’t wear them ‘out out’, as they could easily get dirty and look too worn. You still want them to look new; you just want them to be as comfortable as possible. Wear them around the house when you can to stop any aches, pains, and blisters on the day. You could also invest in some gel pads and plasters to combat these problems before they arise.


        Help To Plan The Hen Party/Bridal Shower

          This is mainly the MOH’s job, but you can offer to help too. Maybe you could offer suggestions, pick up the novelty t-shirts you’ll all be wearing, or go shopping for presents. You’re going to be enjoying the fruits of your labor here too, so make sure you’re prepared to offer your insight and services to get things booked and ready.


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          Go To As Many Pre-wedding Parties as Possible

            There are usually a large number of pre-wedding parties these days, from hen nights to rehearsal dinners. Do your best to be at as many of these parties as possible. Being there to meet people, support the bride, and help create a build up to the day is really important.

            If you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid but you can’t be bothered to turn up to some of these parties, then you probably should think twice about accepting the offer. In some cases it might not be possible for you to attend, and that’s totally understandable. If you have work commitments or something like that, and you can’t get out of them, explain that to the bride as early on as possible so she doesn’t feel upset by your absence.  

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            Run Last Minute Errands

              There might be some last minute errands to run that you can volunteer to do. Maybe it’s something super simple, like picking up the buttonholes for the groomsmen, or something a little more important, like confirming dates with the vendors. Whatever you do, make sure you take your jobs seriously.


              Be On Time

                Being punctual is only polite. If you’re late for pre-wedding parties and things like that when you’re one of the most important people involved in the day, it doesn’t look very good. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get ready for these things and arrive early if possible. The big day is the most important, so make sure you’re especially punctual for that!

                You might be known as the friend ‘who’s never on time’, but on this day, you really need to be. Start breaking your habit now and practice your punctuality so you’ve got it nailed by the time the day comes.


                Be A Member Of The Receiving Line

                  In some cases, the bride and groom may want you to be a member of the receiving line. The receiving line is where you stand at the entrance to the reception with the MOH, bride, groom, groomsmen, and other bridesmaids. You then say hello and introduce yourself to the guests, so that every guest has met the wedding party’s most important members. You may not have to do this at all, but saying hello to guests and introducing yourself to them around the venue is still a good idea!

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                  Be A Good Hostess At The Reception

                    The MOH and the bridesmaids must help to keep the reception running smoothly. Don’t just forget your position after the ceremony and start getting crazy on the dancefloor (there will be plenty of time for that later). Greet people, make sure they have a drink and anything else they need. Direct them to the toilet if they need it, and encourage them to sign the guestbook. The bride and groom are going to have limited time for guests, so it’s up to you to make sure you do the little things that will save so much time and hassle in the long run.


                    Start Dancing

                      Make sure you know your cue to start dancing. The bride and groom dance alone for their first dance, but around halfway through, it could be time for the MOH to start dancing with the best man. Then, after another short time, it’s up to you and the other bridesmaids to get on the dancefloor and have fun! This encourages other guests to get up and dance, which really helps to get the party started and make sure everybody is having as much fun as possible.

                      The truth is, there aren’t many people who remember the wedding ceremony. They might not even remember the food they ate, or what they were drinking. What they do remember, without fail, is how much fun that party was!


                      Give The Maid Of Honor A Break

                        When you think about it, the maid of honor has a ton of responsibility and things to think about. She has tunnel vision on the bride, making sure that she’s happy, has a drink, and is having the day of her life. Why don’t you make it your responsibility to make things a little easier for the MOH? Make sure she’s not too stressed, and take it upon yourself to help with little things. Make sure she knows that your on hand to take care of the little things so that she doesn’t have to. She’ll really appreciate it, and your helping hand will mean the day goes so much more smoothly.

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                        Buy A Wedding Present

                          Buying a wedding present is traditional - don’t forget, you’re likely to get a nice present off the bride and groom for being there too! These traditions have been held up since ancient times, so it would be silly to stop them now. Why not pool your money together with the other bridesmaids and buy a wedding present that really packs a punch? You could get the couple a spa weekend, a weekend in an exciting city, or even just a fancy appliance that you know is needed. You don’t have to pool your money together, but this means you’ll be able to buy something with the ‘whoa’ factor.

                          If you happen to be on a different budget to the others, then it’s probably a better idea to explain this or even decide to go it alone with a gift.

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                          You don’t necessarily need to buy a present. Crafting a present and hand making it yourself could save you a ton of money and give you the opportunity to give something really thoughtful and unique. Just make sure you’ve put plenty of thought into it!


                          Treat The Bride How You’d Like To Be Treated At Your Wedding

                            Make sure you’re not a bridesmaid with an attitude. Yes, even if the bride is more of a Bridezilla. She’s under a lot of stress, and this day is important. Put yourself in her shoes. Ask yourself how you’d like to be treated at your wedding. Make sure you don’t complain about your dress, or anything that will bring the overall mood of the day down - even if you think it looks super ugly. All eyes are on the bride today anyway, so although you want to look nice, you’re going to have to suck it up.

                            If the bride asks you to do things in advance, such as get a manicure or even pay for your own hairstyle, you should probably grin and bear this too. Think of the good points: you’re going to look great in the pictures! If you honestly can’t afford a manicure or whatever the bride wants from you, have an honest discussion with her and suggest alternatives. Tell her you promise you’ll do a good job of your nails yourself.


                            Be On Hand For Emotional Support

                              Finally, you must be on hand to provide emotional support for the bride during this day. You might think that this is the MOH’s job, but it’s your job too. The bride might have a small gripe with the MOH: in this case, it’s up to you to calm her down and make sure everything continues to go well. Reassure her in any way you can. After all, everybody at the wedding shares one common goal; they want it to go well! Emotions can run high, so try to keep yours in check and do your best to help the MOH and bride if they need somebody to talk to. Simple giving them an ear to talk to makes all the difference.

                              Being a bridesmaid is so much fun, but you definitely have some responsibilities to take seriously. Make sure you pull your weight and take on your fair share of tasks. This way, you can feel some pride during the day. After all, you’ve helped to make it work!

                              Above all else, have an amazing day with your best friends; laugh together, dance together, and make memories to last a lifetime!

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                            • Being a Maid of Honor

                              Posted on by Katie Muenks

                              If you’ve been asked to be a maid of honor for somebody you’re close to, you’re probably feeling a rollercoaster of emotions. Of course you’re overjoyed that this person chose you out of all of the people they could have chosen, but this title can come with much responsibility.

                              In short, it’s your job to help direct the bridesmaids through the day and their duties. Not to mention take good care of the bride. You help to take control of part of the day, along with the bride. You may have other responsibilities, depending on the type of wedding and what the bride has asked of you. It totally depends, which is why you need to be assertive most of the time and take control!

                              It isn’t difficult to see why some ladies start to stress out soon after they’ve been asked, or at least in the weeks leading up to the day. Regardless of how you’re feeling, you want to make sure you’re an awesome maid of honor. Let’s take a look at how you can do that, along with some of your duties!

                              Lead the bridesmaids

                              You are the leader of the gang as the maid of honor. This means making sure the bridesmaids attend their dress fittings, find the right accessories, attend pre-wedding parties, and more. You should be the go-to girl if one of the bridesmaids has a problem or question. This will take so much stress off the bride. You may even want to offer to pay for part of your outfit/accessories if you know the bride’s budget is tight!

                              Take your role as the leader seriously, and the bride won’t regret her decision.

                              Be enthusiastic

                              Be enthusiastic about absolutely everything. When the bride starts waxing lyrical about color schemes and cake toppers, you better be there with a huge smile on your face. This shows her that people care about this day just as much as she does. She’ll appreciate your help and support. Feel free to share your own ideas and opinions with the bride, but if she’s hell bent on having a certain theme, scheme, or anything else for the day, make sure you’re on board.

                              Planning a wedding takes a lot of time. Months, sometimes years. Being enthusiastic for that long can be difficult, but it’s necessary when you’re maid of honor!


                              Help the bride with shopping

                              Ask the bride what you can help with, whether that’s the cake or the color scheme. Does she want you to go to cake tastings? Of course she’ll want you to attend dress shopping with her, so make sure you’re available for that! For some shopping trips she may take the groom, but some may be more suitable for you to attend. Make sure she knows that you’re there for her when she needs you.

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                              Host a hen party/bridal shower

                              The bride may want a hen party, a bridal shower, or both. The hen party is supposed to allow the bride to celebrate her last night of singledom, while the bridal shower is to spend time with the bridal party and give gifts to the bride in anticipation for married life.

                              The kind of party/shower you plan will depend on the bride. If she’s a classy lady who doesn’t like to drink too much, a nice lunch or afternoon tea could be a great way to have some time to yourselves before the big day. Alternatively, if she’s a fun loving party girl, a weekend away somewhere or a night out somewhere incredible could be on the cards. You know the bride best, so get planning. Some ladies in your position like to keep the event a secret until closer to the time, too. This can make the bride even more excited about everything that is to come!

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                              Delegate smaller tasks to other bridesmaids

                              Being a maid of honor is stressful. If you’re doing the job right, that is. But don’t feel like you have to do absolutely everything alone. Why not delegate smaller tasks to other bridesmaids, if you know they can be trusted? You could ask them to book appointments, pick something up, or anything else that would help to take some of the pressure off you. They should be happy to help!


                              Suggest romantic ideas to the groom

                              A wedding is a special occasion, and very romantic on its own. But that doesn’t mean the bride isn’t going to want to wake up on the day with a love note from her husband to be, a little gift, or even a just a nice text. Why not suggest some of these romantic ideas to the groom? He may already have something planned, but chatting to him first ensures that the bride starts the day off in the most amazing way.

                              Image Source

                              The groom may be stressed if he’s had to sort out numerous things for the wedding (you know what men are like), and doing something romantic like this may have slipped his mind. Giving him a gentle nudge in the right direction should make everybody happy.


                              Ensure all bridesmaids have hair and make-up sorted

                              On the day, make sure each bridesmaid gets their hair and makeup done. You should also make sure you all get to the venue on time, if you haven't been included in transportation with the bride. You don’t have to do these things yourself - making sure you’ve booked a reliable and professional makeup artist and hairdresser is all it takes. Make sure you confirm these appointments with plenty of time to spare. You don’t want to get to a few days before the wedding, realize you’ve been double booked and have to make a change of plans.


                              Help the bride go to the toilet and get changed if applicable

                              It’s your job to help the bride get to the toilet. If she’s one of those brides who has chosen to wear a huge dress with layers and layers of fabric, then you need to lift that up for her while she goes. She definitely isn’t going to be able to do it herself, and she’s unlikely to want to dip it in toilet water. You might simply need to unzip her depending on what her dress is like.

                              Some brides want to get changed for the reception. If that’s the case, then helping her to get changed and freshen up is your duty too. You’ll feel a like a bit of everything; makeup artist, hair stylist, PA, but it’ll be worth it when you see how happy the bride is!


                              Arrange the bride’s trail and veil

                              Before the bride walks down the aisle, you’ll need to arrange her trail and veil. You may need to it again when she gets to the groom. Making sure she looks great for pictures and for her grand entrance is a must! A keen eye for detail is important there. Make sure you’re paying attention!

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                              Sign the marriage license

                              You’ll need to sign the marriage license as a witness to make the bride and groom’s marriage legitimate. This is probably going to be one of the easiest tasks of your day!


                              Ensure you don’t forget about your duties after the ceremony

                              It’s all too easy to leave the ceremony, enter the reception, and forget that you’re the maid of honor. You have a few drinks, start having fun, and suddenly, you’re like a regular wedding guest. Make sure you don’t do this!

                              If you’re going to be an awesome maid of honor, then you should remain true to your position during the reception. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, not at all. But you should encourage guests to sign the guestbook, direct them to the toilet, and ensure you do other helpful tasks. The bride and groom are going to be busy greeting people and enjoying their day. Do what you can to keep things running smoothly, appeasing guests and anything else you can.


                              Make sure the bride eats something

                              With all of the excitement of the big day, it’s all too easy for the bride to forget to eat. She’ll get up, buzzing with nerves and excitement, and probably want to get started right away. If you can, encourage her to eat a good breakfast with protein and some carbs so that she doesn’t have the shakes during the ceremony. Perhaps you could plan it and get the ingredients ready in advance.

                              Then, during the reception, make sure you take the time to grab her a plate of food if she’s been busy greeting guests. If she’s enjoying a drink, she’s going to need some food so she can last the night! Alternatively, you may want to ask a member of staff at the venue to keep her plate warm if she can’t eat at the same time as everybody else.

                              Worst scenario is she doesn’t eat anything and ends up fainting part way through the day, or gets too drunk and passes out! Make it your responsibility to stop this from happening. You might not be able to stop her from drinking too much, but you can make sure she’s at least eaten something.


                              Toast the couple

                              You don’t have to toast the couple. This part is totally optional, depending on what you and the bride want. However, it’s becoming more popular for the maid of honor to toast the happy couple after the best man has had his time in the spotlight. If you want to let the couple know how happy you are for them, how honored you are to have been such a big part of the day, and let the bride know what she means to you, this is your chance.

                              A word of advice if you do choose to do this: don’t wing it. Even if you’re pretty confident, you never know. Nerves might get the better of you on the day. You might babble on for too long about something uninteresting and lose the attention of your audience. This should be a fun maid of honor speech that sticks to the point and maybe gives a few people some laughs. It’s a good idea to jot down key points that you want to cover to make sure you stay on topic.

                              Image Source

                              Remember; some of the most simple speeches are the most beautiful. Speak from the heart, and your speech will likely get a few tears too. Maybe don’t embarrass the bride as much as you’d like to by revealing secrets and things like that, as it can be a little cringey and potentially inappropriate depending on who is attending the wedding. However, you know the bride best and should have a good idea of who is attending, so if you think including an embarrassing story is A-OK, then go ahead.

                              Also, small tip: try not to drink too much before your speech. You’re probably nervous, and a little drink could potentially help to loosen those nerves and make you more chatty and natural. However, drinking too much could very well make you ‘that’ cringey speech giver that people just can’t watch. You don’t want to do that to the couple on their day, so make sure you wait until afterwards to get your fair share of wedding cocktails.  


                              Make the bride laugh and have fun

                              Make sure you make the bride laugh and have fun together, too. Reassure her that all of the choices she has made are great. Dance with her. Make sure you’re prepared to troubleshoot issues too - she’s probably going to get emotional, perhaps about the slightest things. Be prepared for it, and know how to handle it.

                              It’s worth bearing in mind that aside from the bride, you’re one of the most important ladies involved in this special day. Taking the duties above seriously is crucial. She may not ask for help with some of them, but for others, it’s up to you to take responsibility yourself and volunteer. She trusts you, and loves you enough to get you this involved in her day.

                              Ultimately, make sure you’re enjoying the day too. Even if you have to plaster a smile on your face when you’re stressed about something, do it to make the bride happy. You’re going to remember this day for the rest of your lives!

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                            • Where to Buy Bridesmaid Gifts

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                              When you get married, you don’t go it alone. You usually have a selection of your very best friends right by your side. Because this is one of the best, and even most stressful days of your life, you want to thank your friends for helping you out. Not only do you need to know where to buy incredible gifts, you also need some ideas on what to buy!

                              But where do you buy the most amazing bridesmaids gifts that are going to bring tears to your bridal party’s eyes and make them remember this occasion forever? This guide will help you out, so you can take a lot of the stress out of shopping and ensure that your best friends have the best gifts you can offer.

                              Dedicated Gift Stores Online/Offline

                              Your first port of call could be the dedicated gift stores out there, both online and offline. These stores make it easy for you to compare different gifts. If you use one of these stores online, you can put in your budget, type of gift, and anything else to help you see only the gifts you want to see. This makes choosing a gift super easy, as you get lots of different ideas. You could get a traditional bridesmaid gift, or even something more unusual.

                              Here are some examples of some of the gifts you can find when shopping with these stores:

                              Personalized Champagne/Wine Glass: A personalized champagne or wine glass could be just the thing to give your bridesmaids if they enjoy a tipple every so often. When they’re at home they can use their glass and remember all of the amazing times you had on your special day. You could have the glass made with names, dates, nicknames, and so much more. You can get all different styles too, whether you want something classy and understated or something sparkly and bright!

                              Image Source

                              Jewelry: You’ll find so many items of jewelry in these stores. You can find necklaces, bracelets, rings, just about anything. Some are sterling silver, some are silver plated. Some are even made from freshwater pearl. What you buy depends on your budget. You can have these items engraved if you like, as this will make them extra special. It could be a good idea to get something the entire party can’t not like, maybe something that they can use for ‘everyday’ wear. A lovely pair of studs or a simple bracelet could be the perfect gift.

                              Image Source

                              Keepsakes: There are a variety of different keepsakes you could treat your girls to. You can buy plaques that hang in the kitchen, or even on door handles. Maybe even little trinket boxes, or personalized charms. You can’t really pinpoint a ‘keepsake’, but it’s usually something extra special that a person keeps for life.

                              Image Source

                              ‘Thank You’ Gifts: Thank you gifts help to give your bridesmaids the message loud and clear, ‘thank you for putting up with me on my big day and the months leading up to it!’. There are both traditional and unusual thank you gifts. Maybe a box of expensive chocolates with the letters spelled out, a message in a bottle, or something even more unusual...a personalized spoon? There’s no end to the amount of special thank you gifts out there.

                              Image Source

                              High Street Stores

                              High street stores don’t contain traditional gifts, but you can definitely find some amazing things here so you can treat your girls. There are so many high street stores out there, it depends on where you’re comfortable shopping and the sort of the thing you have in mind. Many high street stores offer high quality stuff, or at least really pretty stuff.

                              Here are a few ideas:

                              Costume Jewelry: Costume jewelry might not last forever, but it can look gorgeous and your bridesmaids can definitely get some wear out of it. Also, just because it’s costume doesn’t mean it has to look that way. You can definitely buy costume jewelry that looks way more expensive than it is. There are also ways to preserve the jewelry so that it lasts longer.

                              Image Source

                              Buying costume jewelry is a great idea if you are on a bit of a budget, or you want to treat your bridesmaids to a few things rather than just one thing!

                              Loungewear: Who doesn’t love some super cozy loungewear when they’re getting settled at home? If your girls are the kind of girls who put their pyjamas on as soon as they get home from a long day, this is the perfect gift for them. If you’re feeling fancy, you could even have the loungewear embroidered so that it’s personal to them. You could have their name and ‘best bridesmaid’ for example!

                              Image Source

                              Chanel: Chanel might seem a little extortionate, especially if you have a few ladies to buy for. But bear with us. You can get some beautiful, high quality nail polish for an amazing price. You can also find their compact mirror. Maybe get both if you really want to treat your girls; they aren’t as expensive as you think! Plus, the bag that they come in really help to add that element of luxury to the gift. If you have a little more budget to play with, or only a couple of bridesmaids, who wouldn’t love a gorgeous Chanel perfume? Of course there are other designers, but so many ladies go crazy over those black and white bags!

                              Image Source

                              Platforms With Independent Sellers

                              There are platforms online that contain offerings from independent sellers. These sites include Etsy, eBay, and the like. The great thing about these sites, is that pretty much everything is totally unique!

                              Here, you can find a number of handmade gifts, and even find sellers who will make custom gifts for you. Don’t be afraid to mail a seller and ask if they can whip something up for your special occasion, because they might just oblige. These platforms are also great for any budget.

                              Perfect if you want quality gifts for a number of ladies without blowing a ton of money!

                              Here are just a few ideas of what you can find on these stores, but remember, you can find absolutely everything!

                              Semi Precious Stone Jewelry: Semi precious stone jewelry is beautiful, and can mean so much to your bridesmaids. Did you know that semi precious stones each have their own meaning? They can symbolize anything from strength to love, so if you really want to personalize their gifts without going overboard you could make sure they each get the stone that suits them the best!

                              Image Source

                              You can find all kinds of amazing pieces of jewelry on Etsy like this. Don’t forget, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, a seller will usually be happy to make something up for you especially.

                              A Decorative Item For Home: House proud bridesmaids will no doubt love a beautiful, unique decorative item for their home. This doesn’t really narrow it down though, so how about a beautifully painted storage box, or even a pretty wooden jewelry hanger? You can find both big and small items to suit your girls and their homes. It’s usually best to buy something neutral to ensure it suits everybody, though!

                              Image Source

                              A Picture Frame: A picture frame makes a great cost effective gift, and after the wedding, you could send your girls a copy of the best photo of you all from the day to put in it. Alternatively, you could make sure the frame is already filled with a great picture of an amazing time you’ve shared together.

                              Image Source

                              A Personalized Piece Of Art: You can find personalized pieces of art here too. Maybe you could ensure your girls have something beautiful they can hang that has their name on it, how you met, or another sentimental story that’s bound to get them saying, ‘awwwww.’

                              Image Source

                              A Key Ring: A key ring is a simple gift, yet something your bridesmaids will be able to see and use every single day. This is what makes it so great! You could even purchase one in a great material to make sure it stands the test of time. Having one engraved will make it extra special. They’ll never want to take it off their keys!


                              Image Source

                              Make The Gifts Yourself

                              Making gifts yourself is a great choice for those who like to get crafty. Even if you don’t usually get crafty, there are so many tutorials and guides out there that you can use to create the perfect gift for your bridesmaids. This way you’ll save money, you’ll just need to make sure you have enough time to make something for everyone! That is, unless you can recruit your husband-to-be to help you.

                              Depending on what you make, a handmade gift could mean so much more to your bridesmaids. Here are a few ideas on what you could make for them:

                              A Hamper Full Of Pampering Goodies: Putting together a hamper full of pampering goodies for each of your bridesmaids will be a lot of fun. You can either create an identical hamper for each bridesmaid, or an individual one depending on how much time you have and what your bridesmaids like. For instance, if one loves wine and one is a gin fiend, it only makes sense to include different drinks in their hampers! However, you can include the same face masks, a nail polish, and anything else you think of that would go great in their hamper.

                              Image Source

                              By making sure the presentation of your hamper is great, they’ll be so excited to open it up and use it. You could even include some thoughtful gifts inside for the day after the reception - how about paracetamol and a novelty ice pack for their heads if they’re going to be drinking a lot?!

                              A ‘Bridesmaid Survival’ Kit: This kit is going to get some laughs, and you can get super creative with what you decide to include. You could include things like sunglasses, advil, a cereal bar, party poppers, a beverage that they like, personal hangover cures, and so much more. This is something you know they’ll definitely use and love, especially when they’re feeling a little under the weather when the fun is over!

                              Image Source

                              Handmade Jewelry/Keychains: Handmade jewelry, or handmade keychains might sound super difficult to create, but they’re actually pretty easy with the internet at your disposal. You can make beaded items, items from clay and wire; just about anything you think will look great. It might take a bit of practice to get the hang of if you’re a beginner, but just think of the look on your friend’s faces when you reveal that you made these quirky things yourself?

                              The great thing about stuff like this is that absolutely nobody else will have what they have, and they’ll love that you took the time to make something so special yourself.

                              Image Source

                              Just make sure you give yourself enough time to practice, watch as many helpful videos as possible (YouTube, Udemy, and Skillshare are great for this), and be prepared to buy quality tools to make the jewelry with. Then you’re good to go and you can have lots of fun with it!

                              Photobooks/Scrapbooks: A photobook or a scrapbook filled with all of the most amazing memories you’ve shared together as friends will definitely bring a sentimental tear to your girl’s eyes. They can take time to make, and you might even want to make sure you leave space in the back for this memory to be included, too! You’ll have some great pictures taken at your reception, so they’ll no doubt want those to be included. Some people even like to use a decorative box instead of a book filled with photos and memories!

                              Image Source

                              Hopefully, you now have lots of different ideas on where to buy some incredible bridesmaids gifts, or even make them yourself. Bridesmaids gifts are a tradition. You don’t have to stick to traditions these days, but letting your loved ones know how much you appreciate them at a time like this is always a good idea - especially if you’ve let out your inner ‘Bridezilla’ at any point! Happy shopping!  

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                            • 25 Best Gifts For Your Bridesmaids

                              Posted on by Katie Muenks

                              Bridesmaids can often be the unsung heroes of weddings. They spend months planning the big day with you; going to wedding fairs, attending cake tastings, helping you to decide between ivory and cream wedding stationery, they are the ones that help to keep you calm and streamline the wedding planning process. There’s no arguing with the fact that bridesmaids put a lot of time and effort into helping you - aka the bride when it comes to wedding planning.

                              Best Gifts For Your Bridesmaids 

                              To thank each bridesmaid for helping out, it’s customary that at the rehearsal dinner before the wedding, that you present them with a gift. It’s also customary that beforehand you give a toast and raise a glass to each bridesmaid to thank them for everything that they’ve done. When it comes to selecting the perfect gift for your bridesmaids, the rules of etiquette state that the gifts should be a keepsake from your wedding as well as something that shows just how much you appreciate their help.

                              A lot of brides simply give their bridesmaids a set of faux pearl earrings or a unique key chain, but with all the hard work and effort they’ve put into making your big day special, they deserve more than that, they deserve a gift with meaning, sentiment and thought behind it - something that it’s obvious you’ve put time and thought into choosing.

                              To help make the process of choosing gifts for your bridesmaids easier, below is a list of some of the very best gift ideas that all bridesmaids are sure to love.

                              You can’t go wrong with jewelry

                               1. A personalized piece of jewelry: You really can’t go wrong with jewelry, especially when it’s personalized with a message of thanks to your bridesmaids. There are plenty of personalized jewelry options to choose from, from delicate and intricate necklaces to big, bold bracelets, it’s just a case of choosing a design that you know your bridesmaids will love. (It’s customary to give each bridesmaid the same gift, except for the maid of honor who normally gets something slightly different.)



                              2. Engraved jewelry box: Something a little different to the norm, an engraved jewelry box could make a fantastic thank you gift for your bridesmaids. There are some truly beautiful designs to choose from, from vintage-inspired silver plated pieces to modern designs made from rose gold and glass; it’s just a case of picking the design that each of your bridesmaids will love.


                              Image Source


                              3. Make your own jewelry: A great way to make the gifts you give your bridesmaids unique and extra meaningful is to make them yourself. Perhaps you could attend a jewelry making workshop and make each bridesmaid a piece yourself, to show them just how much you appreciate their help and support throughout your wedding planning and in the lead-up to the big day. Or, if you’re not very creative, perhaps you could hire a jewelry specialist to bring to life jewelry designs you have created. What could be more personal than custom made jewelry designs that you've drawn?

                              Image Source


                              4. Birthstone jewelry: Another great gift idea that your bridesmaids are sure to love is a piece of birthstone jewelry. If you know when each of your bridesmaids was born, you could pick out one jewelry design for everyone and then have each bridesmaid's individual birthstone put into their bracelet or necklace, to give it that unique and meaningful touch.

                              Image Source

                              Tickets to an event always go down well

                              5. Tickets to a sports game: If your bridesmaids are keen sports fan, then perhaps tickets to an upcoming sports game could make the perfect gift? Whether your bridesmaids are into baseball, football, or hockey, tickets to see an upcoming game could make an incredible thank you gift. Just as long as they’re fans of the sport, that is. You can give each bridesmaid two tickets - one for her and one for her partner - or you could plan to go as a group, just you girls.

                              Image Source


                              6. Passes for a concert: For bridesmaids that aren’t into sports, passes to a concert that you know they’ve been wanting to see could make a great gift. You could either give each bridesmaid one ticket and plan to go as a group, or you could give each bridesmaid two tickets - one for herself and one for a plus one of her choice, such as her partner.

                              Image Source


                              7. Tickets to see a show: Is there a show that has a special meaning for you and your bridesmaids - perhaps something you all saw together as children? If there is a show that holds a special meaning for you and your bridesmaids, then tickets to see it could make the perfect gift.

                              Image Source


                              8. An all-inclusive mini break: Although not technically an event, tickets for an all-inclusive mini break could make an ideal thank you gift for your bridesmaids and their partners. Perhaps there’s somewhere that each bridesmaid has always wanted to go, if so, consider sending them there for a weekend away.

                              Image Source

                              It's pampering time

                              9. Spa day: After spending months helping to plan your wedding, your bridesmaids are most probably in need of a break. So a spa day could make the perfect gift for them, as it will allow them to spend some time relaxing and unwinding. Or, if a whole spa day is too expensive, perhaps you could book them in for a massage or a facial instead.

                              Image Source


                              10. Beauty gift hamper: If your bridesmaids are into their beauty regimes, then a beauty gift hamper could make the ideal thank you present for them. What could be better gift for a beauty addict than a hamper of luxury beauty products? Pick out products that you know are suitable for each bridesmaid or personalize each hamper, such as by picking products made for each bridesmaid’s skin type, for instance. To give the gift a more personal feel, perhaps you could consider making some of the beauty products yourself, such as the soap or face cream, for instance. There are online tutorials for this, or you could opt to attend a class. Making your own beauty products is actually much easier than you would think.

                              Image Source


                              11. Engraved compact mirror: How about giving each bridesmaid a beautifully engraved compact mirror to pop in her makeup bag? You can get some beautiful engravable mirror designs, so this could make the perfect gift for anyone with a love of beauty, plus it’s a bit different to the norm.

                              Image Source


                              12. Designer makeup bag: Are your bridesmaids mad about makeup or a certain designer? Then why not treat them to a designer makeup bag as a thank you for helping you to plan and manage your wedding? Just make sure to pick a style and design that you know each bridesmaid would like.

                              Image Source


                              13. Personalized makeup: Did you know that you can get personalized makeup and nail polish? To thank your bridesmaids for being there for you, why not buy each one a personalized makeup and nail polish set, complete with a personalized makeup bag? The colors you pick could match the wedding color scheme, perhaps? Or, you could choose each bridesmaid personalized products and a personalized makeup bag in her favorite color scheme.

                              Image Source


                              14. Scented candles: Scented candles might seem like a strange gift, but they can actually make a great present. Put together a box of scented candles for each bridesmaid along with a couple of nice candle holders - Yankee Candles do some lovely ones. This might seem like a strange gift, but if your bridesmaids will get use out of it and cherish it, then it’s perfect.

                              Image Source

                              Fancy food

                              15. Dinner at a posh restaurant: If you’re stuck for ideas and know that your bridesmaids are big foodies, dinner on you at a fancy restaurant is ideal. It might not be an actual gift, but it’s a great way to say thank you to your bridesmaids, especially if you’re happy to pay for them to eat somewhere fancy.

                              Image Source


                              16. Gourmet dinner hamper: Instead of paying for your bridesmaids to go out for a fancy dinner, why not have a gourmet dinner hamper made up for them complete with champagne and everything that they need to cook a delicious three-course meal? If your bridesmaids love to cook, then this could make a fabulous gift.

                              Image Source


                              17. Personalized prosecco: Who doesn’t love prosecco? To thank each bridesmaid for being there to support you and help you to plan your wedding, gift them with a bottle of personalized prosecco. Or, if you’re able to splurge, a personalized bottle of champagne. Whether you opt to give your bridesmaids champagne or prosecco, a personalized champagne glass to go with it is a must - for ideas Pinterest is fantastic.

                              Image Source


                              18. Chocolate hamper: There’s nothing like some fancy truffles to say thank you, is there? A great thank you gift that your bridesmaids are sure to love is a chocolate hamper packed full of all sorts of chocolates and chocolate-themed gifts, such as chocolate liqueur, chocolate truffles, chocolate scented candles, chocolate macaroons, chocolate-scented body wash, chocolate tea - the list could go on and on. Unless someone doesn’t like chocolate, you can’t go wrong with a chocolate hamper.

                              Image Source


                              19. Alcohol flavored sweets: There are lots of gourmet sweet companies that have started selling alcohol flavored sweets that would make perfect gifts for bridesmaids with a sweet tooth. So why not pick out a few of these alcoholic sweets, such as prosecco gummy bears, gin lollipops, mojito boiled sweets, and make them up into a little gift box along with a bottle of each alcohol? For bridesmaids with a sweet tooth and a love of cocktails, this could make an ideal thank you gift. There are plenty of companies that sell these, many of which offer a personalized gift box to place them in, so these could make the perfect thank you gift.

                              Image Source

                              Accessories and decor

                              20. Personalized picture frame: There are lots of beautiful wall art ideas online for personalized bridesmaids picture frames. From photo board frames made up of vintage photos to scrapbook style wall art - there are plenty of designs to choose from. If you like the idea of thanking your bridesmaids with a personalized picture frame, make sure to pick a color scheme that’s neutral, and that will fit well in everyone’s homes.

                              Image Source


                              21. Scrabble art: For a unique piece of decor, why not make each bridesmaid a piece of Scrabble wall art that either contains the names of each bridesmaid, the maid of honor, and your name - the bride, or have each board made up with the names of the bridesmaid’s family members. Either way, Scrabble wall art can make a fantastic thank you gift.

                              Image Source


                              22. Puzzle keyrings: Admittedly, we may have mentioned that keyrings make terrible bridesmaid thank you gifts but puzzle keyrings don’t - these are keyrings made from one large keyring and then cut into puzzle-shaped pieces. Each bridesmaid has one, and they all connect up, signifying the special bond that you all share.

                              Image Source


                              23. Frames quotes: How about thanking your bridesmaids by getting them each a framed quote that links to your friendship in one way or another? Or, what about having a quote that they’ve said or that you’ve said and that made them laugh, turned into art.

                              Image Source


                              24. Ring dishes: What about getting each bridesmaid a beautiful ring dish to have on her dressing table? Pick a unique design and style and have a ring dish designed for each bridesmaid with their name or a special quote on - this is one gift everyone is guaranteed to love as it's so wonderfully cute and quirky.

                              Image Source


                              25. Photo frames: Perhaps personalized photo frames could make an amazing thank you gift for your bridesmaids? If you have a photo of you all together, perhaps popping it into personalized photo frames could make an amazing gift and a wonderful keepsake.

                              Image Source


                              Picking that perfect gift to thank your bridesmaids for everything that they’ve done to make the wedding planning process run more smoothly isn’t always easy, as it can be hard to know what to pick.

                              Ideally, you want to choose a thank you gift that shows your bridesmaids how much you value and appreciate them. You also want the gift that you choose to be something that each bridesmaid will love and cherish, that’s why it’s important to take your time choosing the perfect thing.

                              Hopefully, the ideas and suggestions above have given you plenty of inspiration for when it comes to picking the gifts to give your bridesmaids as a thank you.

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